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Enabling Infrastructure

As home to a third of Northern Ireland’s businesses and amongst them, many world-leading export businesses, MSW requires the appropriate infrastructure to move products to market quickly and maintain efficient supply chains. A high-quality strategic transport network is of paramount importance.

However, whilst MSW accounts for half of the land mass in Northern Ireland, the prevailing data shows that motorway and A roads account for only 8% of our road network.

There are also serious gaps in public transport with some areas of the MSW ranked amongst the most deprived in Northern Ireland for access to services.

Meanwhile, much of the Mid South West has relatively poor access to higher capacity broadband services such as ultrafast and full fibre.

Investment in these areas of infrastructure is a critical enabler to realising the growth ambitions of MSW. A significant part of the Regional Economic Strategy is focused on addressing infrastructure deficit and creating the environment which allows our companies to thrive.

Our commitment is to address the challenges outlined above. Read more about our ambitions in the Regional Economic Strategy