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Boosting Innovation and Digital Capacity

One of the most important drivers for success across MSW will be increasing productivity. If we can boost output then we can close the productivity gap with the rest of Northern Ireland.

We aim to support businesses to be more productive by helping enhance their capabilities in crucial enabling technologies such as data analytics, robotics, automation, Industry 4.0, machine learning, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, advanced materials and production techniques, and to exploit the growth opportunities these technologies hold for our region.

Such an aim is particularly relevant in the manufacturing and advanced manufacturing sector where MSW is already a leader. We will ensure that MSW is at the centre of Northern Ireland’s plans to create a manufacturing innovation ecosystem and will focus on partnerships with research agencies to allow companies to advance new technologies.

The digital and technology sector will also be a focus given MSW has particular strengths in IT services, Computing and Advanced Electronics, Software and Communications. Alignment with the education providers will mean the sector has the chance to grow further in the future.

Health and social care is also an important economic driver in MSW given the concentration of pharmaceutical companies and health care providers in the region. Our region has both world class expertise and demonstratable innovation practice which will be consolidated further to drive GVA and productivity. We will explore with our two leading acute and teaching hospitals the specific opportunities which this presents to boost the sector’s potential.

Our commitment is to address the challenges outlined above. Read more about our ambitions in the Regional Economic Strategy